How to improve concentration

How to improve concentration

Nothing can add more power to your life than concentrating all your energies on a limited set of targets.
Nido Qubein

Note: Specially for students.

To concentrate is to direct your mental power or your efforts towards a particular activity, subject or problem.

The First step towards learning anything requires that you focus your attention to that which must be learnt.

Now get to the main point.

How to improve concentration:
Here are some basic things to improve concentration:

1. Minimize all distracting influences: You will study more effectively if your attention is not being diverted from the task at hand. Some ways of avoiding distractions are:

  • Have a definite area set aside for study purpose only.
  • tell others of your study routine.
  • try to make sure that you are not distracted by excessive background noise.
  • Ensure that your study area is not too comfortable.

2. Prepare yourself for work: it is important to get yourself into the right mood to work and make start.

  • Decide what you will cover beforehand and how much time you will spend.

It is more effective to work in short bursts(30 minutes – 1 hour) than one long sitting.

  • Set up your environment

collect all the relevant study materials for the subject you intend to cover(books,calculator etc.) and lay out on your desk.

3. Start: There are many of “starting” a study task, especially if procrastination has become a problem.if you have problems in starting a specific study activity(reading an article, doing some problems etc.) then here are some suggestion:

  • Begin with an “entry-level” task.

this might be filling your notes, reviewing lecture notes, reading an abstract etc.

  • Set a time for the task.

Allocate 15-30 minutes to getting involved, and then begin.

  • Set yourself a reward for studying.

A reward could be watching your favourite T.V. program, a snack or ringing a friend.

  • Don’t sit for long periods puzzling about what to do.

4. Maintain your concentration for as long as possible: The type of task you are doing will decide the duration of your concentration span. Writing an assignment or doing problems usually requires more mental effort than taking notes from a reference. If you lose concentration then some things you can do are:

  • Ask yourself what distracted you.

If your train-of-thought was diverted by an unrelated problem(ex. another task you need to attend to, an idea about another subject etc.)then jot this down on a “To Do” list so that you won’t forget.

if you have nagging problems of a personal nature(ex. financial or personal problems, relationship difficulties etc.) then these are likely to become a recurring obstacle to concentrating fully. it is strongly advised that you address any problem by speaking to someone helpful(such as a counselor) or take action to make sure that these problems re unlikely to interfere with your study.

  • Try to re-connect with the task.

Re-read your last page or re-work the last calculation you did. If you still cannot progress then take a break.

  • Measure your achievement so far.

you can often rekindle your motivation by appreciating what you have already done.

  • set shorter tasks.
Do you have any problem related to Concentration?  Ask in comments, I am Committed to answer those questions.
 The ability to concentrate and to use time well is everything 

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